Ultimate abrasive wear resistance in steels is determined by the volume percentage of hard carbides.

Standard alloy steels rely mostly on chromium carbide formation to impart more abrasion resistance. These carbide particles are microscopic in size, and constitute from less than 5% to over 20% of the total volume of the microstructure of the steel.  Chromium carbides are about 65/70 HRC, molybdenum and tungsten carbides are about 75 HRC.  Our thermal spray coating of XC1000 contains 88-90% by weight (80% by volume) of hard tungsten carbide.   This hard, dense high volume percentage carbide layer at the point of wear provides the ultimate abrasive wear resistance possible.  Harder carbides exist but compared to tungsten carbides none can be applied in a thick enough layer or with sufficient bond strength to offer any substantial value of the life of a feedscrew.

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