Halogen-free resins are designed to meet RoHS – Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances requirements.

Started in Europe as a way to reduce harmful residual material reaching landfills this requirement is making its way to the rest of the world.  This benefit to the public has a hidden cost to plastics processors – aggressive corrosion.  These flame retardant materials are extremely corrosive to steels at processing temperature.  Most processors new to this material are surprised when they discover a feedscrew that looks like a broomstick after only 4 to 5 weeks of molding these halogen-free compounds.  Extreme Coatings XC1000Ni is a nickel based tungsten carbide formulation that is completely inert.  Coating a feedscrew with XC1000Ni will stop this corrosive attack and ensure that feedscrews can last for years.

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