Carbide Coatings for Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Applications

This is a shout out about our carbide coatings for Halogen-free flame retardant applications. These are nasty corrosive materials that are growing in usage in the electronics industry. Processors that are used to equipment life of 24-30 months for PM tool steel are totally surprised when they change materials to a product with zero halogen in it. They can see their feedscrews reduced to broomsticks in a matter of 3-4 weeks!

The issue is corrosion AND abrasion at the same time. Corrosion resistant steels form an oxide layer that protects the surface from continuous corrosion. With an abradant (glass fiber) in the mix this oxide layer is constantly removed and the result is a loss of material at a rapid rate.

Our tungsten carbide coatings are inert and the finished coating layer hard and has very low porosity. Once a feedscrew is coated it will last at least as long as the original PM steel screws in this halogen free material. I will post a link here soon with a copy of an article from the German press about this problem.